Viking ARcade Ny Trelleborg Museum

︎ Date: January, 2019
︎ Catergory: 3D Modelling, Augmented Reality
︎ Format: AR Campaign Proposal
︎ Tools in use: Aodobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Blender, Houdini, Apple ARkit

︎ For the AR proposal ➔ Click HERE to the PDF deck.

Viking ARcade integrates Viking culture, LEGO bricks and AR technology with 3 purposes of enternainment, education and engagement for the visitors. It pictures the future museum experience for Trelleborg, a Danish Viking museum part of National Museum of Denmark, which consists of a UNESCO historic Viking fortress and a museum archiving the Viking found from the site.

Ny ( ‘New’ in Danish) Trelleborg project is a new proposal based on current Trelleborg museum and adds several buildings and rejuvenation of the museum to attract more visitors nationally and internationally. The proposal delivers an ambitious framework for Viking culture than just focusing on Trelleborg site itself. It shows a promising opportunity that not only people interested in Viking culture and history but also connect people who are fascinated with building and playing LEGO.

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