El Grito Rebranding

︎ Date: May 2020
︎ Role: Graphic Designer
︎ Catergory: Branding, Typography
︎ Tools in use: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign

El Grito is a videography studio based in London, UK, and Lima, Peru. They offer a range of creative services and a broad directory of talent around the world. Since El Grito has several branches in different categories of filmmaking, the challenge is to deliver a coherent brand identity but still express its own characteristic.

The concept comes from its Spanish name and plying around the linguistic tone with an exclamation mark ‘!’. The graphic elements are extended from the concept of ‘!’ and forming a bold and modern atmosphere of the brand.

The colours in use are inspired by the neon filter of the gels used often in the filming industry. It represents each member induvidaully in El Grito team. The whole range of colour spin can also be foreseen to adapt to the new-coming member for a unique colour.

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