Creative Technologist & Visual Artist


It's been a self-initiated organisation since 2019 and onwards. With the idea to share the art, culture, and student life in London, friends and I collaborated with many other students and practitioners across London to set up in groups for various tasks. Some teams are organising the events and some are interviewing artists and designers. I am the one in charge of the management and strategy. Sometimes I did visual direction and marketing plans.

We aim to connect creatives to collaborate and exchange ideas through our online platform and offline events. The stories are categorised into 3 topics, which are ‘Academic Experience’, ‘Industry Insight’ and ‘Urban Lifestyle’. They are published collectively under the journal issue topic in the past two years. The issue covers are usually done by the visual creatives and can be seen as the realisation of how we would like to collaborate with others.
Date JUNE 2019 ISSUE01 & DECEMBER 2019 ISSUE02
Collaborator 30+


Issue 01: Collision 碰撞 (2019)
Issue 02: Extraordinary but Ordinary 不一樣也一樣 (2020)

Issue 01: Collision 碰撞 (2019)

Explore the educational differences between Eastern and Western culture. The visual metaphor comes from the behaviour of eating and choosing what to eat. As a newcomer to the UK, we encountered huge cultural and educational differences. Issue 01 visualises the experience that in Western culture, it’s more like what you choose and there are many to choose from, even you don't know about it. In contrast, in Eastern culture, we have few choices but to follow the social pressure and learn from it.
Visual Direction: Wen Chen
Graphic Design: Zach Chen
Photography: Wen Chen
Model: Jacob Chung
Custom: Esther Chang
Styling: Francesca Vinci
Venue: Veronica Alba

Issue 02: Extraordinary but Ordinary 不一樣也一樣 (2020)

After years living in London, we have experienced different aspects of life, learning and working. We realised that not everything was the same as we imagine which may be caused by the media reports, limited knowledge, or different social and cultural context. Therefore, Issue 02 presents stories widely from studying, working to living topics and coherently tailored all together through online contents, social media campaigns to offline events.

Creative Direction: Wen Chen
Project Coordinator: Shu Liu & Jacob Chung
Graphic Designer: Jacob Chung & Shan Huang
Videographer: Shu Liu
Photographer: Kyle Tsai
Hair and Makeup Artist: Min
Stylist: Esther Chang
Model: Wei Wang
Assistant: Daniel Chen & Yun Yeh

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